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Maxo Products has developed a unique micro fine grade material based on the demand of reputed export oriented API manufacturers and results are very encouraging.
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Analytical tests carried out on raw material

1.Magnetic test –
To identify non magnetic material (inert material) in raw material.

2.% Fines -Particles passing through BSS Mesh No. 30 and further are also calculated so as so determine % of very fine material (mixed in raw material) which normally hampers the reduction reaction.

3.Total Elemental Iron–for %Fe (w/w) is carried out.

Analytical tests carried out on finished product (Cast Iron Powder)

1.Characteristics –Physical characteristics such as appearance, colour and other visible parameters.

2.Mesh Size –Particle size of the material is checked as per customer’s specifications.

3.Density –The product is also checked for bulk density so as to maintain the consistency of the material supplied to our customers. (For our internal in process quality control)

4.Elemental Iron –Total elemental Iron is analysed by 2 different methods.