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Date : 28/11/2008
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Maxo Products has developed a unique micro fine grade material based on the demand of reputed export oriented API manufacturers and results are very encouraging.
Welcome to Maxo(India) Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.

In the world of uncertainty of regular availability and constant flow of traditional fuels biofuels are being given serious consideration to become the potential source of energy in the future. This can be foreseen in the countries where foreign exchange position is tight and insufficient availability of traditional fuels within their own geographical boundaries.

Biofuels should be viewed from multi dimensional perspective of depleting fossil fuel resources, environmental health, energy security, agrarian economy and new avenues of gainful employment.

In near future we can expect greater enhanced activities and investments in new technologies related to biofuels which will put the industry on a strong footing. Biofuels are good for the environment because they add fewer emissions to the atmosphere than petroleum fuels and use wastes that currently have no use.